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Qualified Team

We have a team that has worked with companies from around the globe, including Fortune 100 companies


The world is getting small, our teams have to work in Australia, the UK, Hong Kong, and South Korea


With experience with worldwide hedge funds and global top tier wealth management firms, reasonably priced funding is sometimes just a phone call away

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Whether you are experiencing challenges with raising capital, maximizing return on capital, financial metrics, or corporate structure, we at GAC small business consulting services in New Hampshire are here to assist you with our expertise in Finance, Marketing, Business Metrics, and supply chain economics. Our business consultants can help you adapt to new market trends and compete at the next level.

GAC can help you with micro-economics hedging, macro-economics hedging, legal corporate structuring, royalty documentation, corporate legal documentation, general contract documentation, distribution documentation, and even consumer behavior analysis. We are a team of marketing consultant small business in New Hampshire that are highly experienced, customer-focused, and can manage complex projects.

Whether you want to learn accounting basics, different finance options and structures and the ramifications of those structures on your balance sheet, income statement or P&L; or, just need assistance in how you can market your products, we are here to help.
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